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Most Unique Places

Video of Unique Places

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Bishop's Castle

One man over the span of 40 years built this wonderful Castle, complete with a fire breathing dragon. 


Paint Mines

East of Colorado Springs, these bright colors in the ground where used by Native American to make Colorful pottery. 

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Gator Farm

Yes, there is a Gator farm located high in the rocky mountains. Th gators live and feed off fish grown in a natural hot springs.

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UFO House

This UFO house sits in the San Luis valley, and has been the location of many UFO sightings and strange happenings. 

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This Town sits on the edge of the San Luis valley and is know as the spiritual head quarters, as many religions have set up retreats there. 


Pawnee Buttes

Located in the grasslands, these buttes are a change from the everyday scenery you see in Colorado. 

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