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Best hidden Towns

Video of Hidden Towns

BOC YT.00_00_42_11.Still051.jpg


The highest incorporated town in America, sounded by 14ers. be sure to visit the South park saloon and Al-Mart.

BOC YT.00_00_17_15.Still050.jpg


Beautiful old main street, fun festivals, old mines , and Colorado highest mountains. 

BOC YT.00_03_00_10.Still056.jpg


Built almost into a canyon this town is one unique and hidden town. 

BOC YT.00_01_51_18.Still053.jpg

Lake City 

Famous for their off-roading and wonderful views, this is a town you don't want to miss. 



Nice hot springs, mountains to the north, and desert to the south this town has everything you need. 

BOC YT.00_02_12_15.Still054.jpg


Nestled in a canyon on the Utah border this town is different than any other Colorado town you have seen . 

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