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About Turkey

A Bio diverse country full of culture. With so much to offer it is hard to choose where to go in Turkey, that is why I made a list of my favorite places, to help you plan your trip and give you tips on how to see all of these in one trip.

Despite warning from the federal government, the Country is relatively safe. 

The best way to see all of these places would be to land in Istanbul, explore the city, then take a plane to the Cappadocia region, where you can rent a car for cheap, and explore all you want, then from there you could drive to Pamukkale, then drive to, Ephesus, and the beach towns, then either take a boat to Greece or fly back to Istanbul. I like the road trip the best, because you get to see the real Turkey in between these tourist destinations. Like how instead of fast food, many people will just put a picnic blanket in the shade of a tree on the side of the road and eat, and you will find areas like this in the mountains, where you can stop wash your feet, eat fresh grapes and tea made on a wooden stove. Visit some of the less know ruins like Aphrodisia

The downside is, driving in Turkey is crazy. For example the speed limit on most roads is 50mph (80kph) I drove 100 mph (160 k) and people where still flying by me. Most of these towns can be reached by bus or plane for very cheap as well.

The best places to see in Turkey


No trip to Turkey would be complete without  a trip to Istanbul. There is deep history everywhere you look, and the sights here are endless. you have the beauty and architecture of the Blue Mosque, the history of the Hagia sofia, the Topkapi palace, the Basillica Cistern, the Obelisk of Theodosius, taken from Egypt in 390 AD, independence ave with their, Music,  parties, and food, fresh fish from the Galata Bridge, the Galata tower, the Hamas Turkish baths, the whirling dervishes, and the markets of the grand bazaar, a nice place to find some spices, and Turkish delights. Most of the items in the market and food around this area is geared towards tourist, but if you journey of the main path just a little and find some real Turkish food, not the tourist Turkish food, then you are in for a treat. This soup we found in some back alley was 200 time better than anything else I tried in turkey, also one of the best dishes I have ever had ever.



This vast area has much to explore, find a nice town to stay in such as goreme, and stay in the ancient caves or in the fairy chimneys themselves. These rock formations were made into houses many years ago and now you can stay in one as a guest. The area is also home to many underground cities, some that could hold a population of 20,000 people. You can explore some of the underground cities such as (Derinkuyu) at your own leisure, and maybe get a little lost. Others like (Kaymakli ) you have to take a guide, either way it is amazing to see these wonderful underground cities. The area is also home to hidden churches, that the christians used many year ago to hide from persecution. Some towns have large fairy chimneys called fairy castles, these are also very fun to explore. Go off the path a little and find stuff the tourist barely see. I drove down a dirt road till I could drive no more then hiked into a valley till I found fairy chimney after fairy chimney, some were easy to climb into, other required a little skill all of them were empty, and haven’t been touched in years.



Meaning cotton castle in Turkish. Is home to both the large white terraces and the ancient city of Hierapolis, meaning holy city. The white terraces are naturally made from travertine that comes out of the hot springs in the area. It is a beautiful places to relax in the hot springs and watch the sun set. Sitting on top of the white terraces is the ancient city of Hierapolis, Where the hot springs where used as a spa since 2nd century BC, there are many old bathes in the city, plus a magnificent looking theater. You can also find the tomb of John, on of the apostles of Jesus.



Once the Capital of Roman asian minor, the 4th largest roman city, and one of the largest roman archaeology sites. This site is a favorite for many visitors, as you can explore these magnificent ruins.



The other side of the Mediterranean, the cheaper side. Want to learn how to scuba, go snorkeling, hang out at the beach, get on a party boat, or explore a very active nightlife. This is the town to do it.


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