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Most Unique festivals 

Video of Festivals 

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An unique event of riding behind a horse on skis, while catching ring and jumping jumps. You truly have to see this festival. Many towns host this event, but check out Leadville. 

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Frozen Dead Guy days

Nederland celebrating a man that froze his body in shed, to be brought back later. The event has a lot of live music, coffin races, and more.  



A week long fall Harvest Festival held in Crested Butte. This a strange event and at the end they burn the grump. 

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Uller Fest

Celebrating the Norse god of snow "Uller" in Breckenridge. This usually involves a parade, burning skis, and a world record long shot ski.  

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Burro Days

Held in Fairplay, the main focus of this event is a burro race over the pass. 

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